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Justus Jonas

(1493 - 1555)

Justus Jonas Jonas studied jurisprudence and later theology at the University in Erfurt. In 1521 he came to Wittenberg as a professor and Probst at the Castle Church. Jonas was indespensible to Luther while he translated the Bible. Jonas also accompanied Luther to the Imperial Diet of Worms and helped out during Luther's school visitations in 1529.

Furthermore he attended the Imperial Diet in Augsburg and took part in the religious discussions in Marburg. In 1541 he moved to Halle, but after 5 years he was driven out of town. Because he was one of Luther's good friends, Jonas accompanied him to Eisleben in 1546 where Luther died. After being the court preacher in Coburg, Jonas was the Superintendent in Eisfeld where he later died.

Copyright(c) KDG Wittenberg 1997
Copyright(c) KDG Wittenberg 1997