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Martin Luther's Life

The character of Luther's writings and speeches as well as his relationship to his environment changed drastically during his lifetime. Luther's life can be divided into four major phases.
The first phase of Luther's life which encompasses his childhood, university studies and his time as an Augustinian monk is characterized by his search for religious understanding. Luther was living as a university professor in Wittenberg at this time.
When he finally reached the understanding he was searching for, he realizes that there are many problems in the world and the church. He rebels against the abuses of the church and his actions spark strong reactions.
Luther hides at the Wartburg on the orders of his Elector, Frederick the Wise. The Reformation has caught on with some of the most powerful people and is unstoppable. Luther is able to return to Wittenberg to fight his adversaries and put his ideas into practice.
During the last years of his life, Luther is no less active, but resignation and an inclination towards sudden outbursts of rage can be seen in the works and speeches of the aging reformer.

Martin Luther (1483-1546)

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Copyright (c) KDG Wittenberg 1997, 2001

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