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Legends about Luther: Throwing the Inkwell

Der Wurf mit dem TintenfaßSince his childhood Luther was pestered by devils, evil spirits, and deamons...

He reported about such occurances during his later life as well, these fears of being attacked increased especially druing his time of seclusion at the Wartburg. Luther ascribed his depressions and moodswings to these 'evil spirits.'

This constant fear of Satan is normal for the late-Middle Ages and rooted in the religious upbringing within his home and at school.

Luther defended himself against this constant hostility through prayer, 'happy song' or more rigorously: by throwing his inkwell. Luther, awakened by the devil during the night, supposedly courageously defended himself against Satan by throwing an inkwell at him.

Luther reported that he was often pestered by the devil during his stay at the Wartburg. His statement that he had 'driven the devil away with ink' is usually ascribed to his translation of the Bible rather than nightly fights at the Wartburg.

The ink stain on the wall in Luther's room at the Wartburg was still visible during the last century, but can be ruled out as evidence because of reports in which the stain was appearently touched up, newly put up and re-dyed...

Copyright(c) KDG Wittenberg 1997
Copyright(c) KDG Wittenberg 1997