Luther Legends and Anecdotes
The times Luther lived in
The world in 1500
Important Inventions
Changes in the World View
Politics in the Empire
Luther and the German language
Luther's relationship with the Jews
The (political) world after 1546
Luther - demon or hero
Luther Time-line
People in Luther's environment
Seminars, Liturature, Internet

The world in 1500

Karte der Ostseegebiete um 1586Martin Luther was born during a time of great tension and conflict, now recognized as the transitional period between the Middle Ages and the Modern Ages. During this old habits were dying hard while innovations continually pushed into daily life.

This time of upheaval is characterized by new discoveries and the emergence of a new view of the world.

In order to understand the Protestant Reformation and its leaders, Luther and Melanchthon, you must first know about the influence of humanism.

The reformation would never have become such an important movementif it weren't for the political climate of the time

Copyright(c) KDG Wittenberg 1997
Copyright(c) KDG Wittenberg 1997